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Monarch Academy
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Monarch Academy

Where life isn't all flowers and butterflies.

Monarch Academy
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Welcome to Monarch Academy, a hidden gem in the city of Redding in Northern California. Passing through the gates here at Monarch is like stepping into a whole new world, where nothing is quite as it seems. The golden boy football star just might have dreams that lie outside the gridiron. And the girl next door may have inherited more from her mother than just the family pearls. Those who say the beautiful have it easy have never been students at this prestigious boarding school. And sometimes the quest for perfection can only end in disaster.


The new semester is just about to start, and Dean Locke is excited to welcome you to the student body of this top academic location. Known for developing the best minds in the country, and setting the standards that would set the ground for future leaders, Monarch is ready and waiting to accept you into its hallowed halls. But don't let its reputation fool you, just because the students here know how to work hard, doesn't mean they don't play hard. The admissions board is always looking for a new face, that may be tomorrow's success story, so send in an application. Who knows you just may end up one of this renowned institutions most famous alumni.

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